Angela Fishberger
Species: Angelfish
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hometown: Bud's Pets
Friends and Family
Shiloh, Milo, Jumbo Shrimp Oscar
Love interests:
Oscar (ex-boyfriend)
Jumbo Shrimp (boyfriend)
Behind the Scenes
Voiced by:
Felicia Day

Angela (pronounced angel-a) Fishberger is a obsessed video-gamer and Oscar's ex-girlfriend. In an episode, it shows that she is Oscar's rival in a debate showdown. Throughout the whole practice, they have gone through dates and activites such as diving, parasailing, riding wild animals and such. She also somewhat resembles a stalker, and Oscar believes she is trying to make him lose the debate battle. Yet, in the end, Angela is a very obsessive scrapbooker and was only trying to take pictures of Oscar for sentimentality. She later made an apperance in Guys' Night Out which Oscar and her officially become boyfriend-girlfriend. Shiloh is Angela's crazy best best friend and she looks like Milo.


Angela is an adventurous girl who is capable of risking danger or problems, like jump from a tank to another without a parachute, Dancing on the tables of restaurants, etc. ("Send Me an Angel Fish"). She loves Videogames and it could be all day playing. She does not seem to show much importance to the outputs, with just staying at home playing video games ("Oscar is a Playa") ("Fish Prom"). She is similar to Oscar in some ways.




Oscar and Angela's first met in ("Send Me an Angel Fish"), when both were rivals on a debate showdown.Angela caught her attention in the first moment they looked at each other and just after they met, she asked Oscar for a "date", but after the date, Oscar thought she was cheating him to win the debate and he tells her. Angela told Oscar that he was wrong, and the reason that she was "spying" him, was for "Love" and all this time, she had taken photos of Oscar for her album. After that, the two began dating.

In ("Guys' Night Out"), their relationship became "Official", as both had fulfilled one month together.

Their relationship began to descend, when Oscar realizes that she has no time to be with him, because Angela paid more attention to Videogames, and


not to him ("Oscar is a Playa") ("Fish Prom"). In the episode "Fish Prom", Angela breaks up with Oscar, after he accidently called her "Bea" when he was asking her to dance. After that, she ran away from him, And before she left, she had shouted to Bea: "He's all Yours, BEA!", then she cried and ran away from Prom.

Jumbo Shrimp


After the Prom ended, Angela was for throwing her helmet game to the trash, until that Jumbo came to where she was, because his "date" abandoned him. After that, he told her that his helmet was great, and soon after, they fell in love ("Fish Prom").

In ("Unresolved Fishues"), Jumbo and Angela were a couple, and Oscar it took by surprise the news. Angela was still angry with Oscar by what happened between them the last time in the Prom, then Oscar tried to apologize with her, but before that happened, Milo had written in heaven "I Love Angela" by accident. Then, Jumbo was furious for that, and he hit Oscar on his face, but Oscar tried to tell him that He doesn't have interest in Angela, and he just wanted to apologise her. After that, Angela forgave him and later they became friends.


Background Information



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