Barb in Employee Discount
Species: Barb fish
Gender: Female
Professional Information
  Fish Flakes, Inc. manager

Carla's Secret Manager

Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Bea Becomes an Adult Fish"
Voiced by:
Lauren Tom

Barb was Bea's manager in Fish Flakes inc.. Besides her job at Fish Flakes, she also commonly works at the Fish Mall.


Barb is friendly and nice, but she later just wants people to work and be independent.

Personal Life

Barb is the owner of Fish Flakes inc. and hired Bea when she wanted to become an adult. Later, Barb puts a huge stack of paperwork in Bea's desk and tells her thier policy is to work!", and also takes Milo and Oscar and puts them to a nursery. When Bea finds out more about adults and how disgusting they could be, she goes to Barb and quits, ripping off her adult clothes. Barb is shocked to see Bea is a teenager and thought she was gonna get fired. But Mr. Baldwin came and was hired ("Bea Becomes an Adult Fish"). When Oscar and Milo needed jobs at Carla's Secret to pay for Bea's dress, Barb hired them after seeing Oscar's "talent". Barb gave them their name tags and told them a little about their jobs. She told them to help out Finberley, who was looking for outfits. As mentioned by Oscar, Barb was really angry that Milo and Oscar quit their jobs on their first day ("Employee Discount").

When Bea came to the Fish Mall, excited to play Fish Santa, Barb told her that she's actually Santa's elf, and that Randy Picnherson is Santa. Later when Bea attacked Randy after his selfish slacking on the job, Barb got the wrong idea, and fired Bea. Later when Bea and Milo delivered presents, Barb was working on her office, saying that working at Chirstmas Eve is her favorite adult thing to do. Bea then gave a present to Barb, happy to show her that she is finally playing Fish Santa ("Merry Fishmas, Milo").

Background Information

  • After Barb's appearance on "Bea Becomes an Adult Fish", she has yellow skin, rather than her green skin in her first appearance.
  • She is married and has a son.


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