Bea's opinion about Shellsea

Bea is very crazy about Shellsea and Bea is jealous about Shellsea's hair (Underwater Boy). After Shellsea says Bea needs a Milkshake and a Taco, Bea says that she was right, she needs a milkshake (Fish Prom).

Bea kept on calling Shellsea on her phone about 5 times in Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy.

Shellsea's opinion about Bea

Shellsea thinks Bea is crazy due to Shellsea slapping her with her handbag in Sixteen Clamandles and Shellsea says Chill Bea Chill when they forget Clamantha's Birthday . Shellsea helps Bea ruin Oscar and Milo's night for ruining theirs Fish Sleepover Party. In Fuddy Duddy Study Buddy Shellsea, along with Oscar, saves Bea, along with Milo, from the giant apple, thanks to Shellsea's music. In the gym, Bea showed Shellsea, along with the gang, what she is going to wear to prom, When Shellsea rudely interupts Finberley she says, Bea, who are you going with, and Bea respondes Steve Jackson.Shellsea, Along with Koi and Oscar looked at Bea's Outfit (meaning that they like it). When Bea asks Shellsea where Steve Jackson is, and tells Bea that she needs a Taco and Milkshake combination. Fish Prom

Friendship Moment

Bea and Shellsea are seen dancing in the Sleepover Rap ( Eat Dip )


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