Species: Cockatoo
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Three unamed chicks
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Flying Fish"
Voiced by:
George Takei

Bird is a bird who lives in the pet store.

Personal Life

When Milo tried to fly, he set a bird trap to attract a bird to fulfill his dream to fly. Milo started poking the bid with a stick, but the bird fought back and attacked Milo. When the bird was about to finish him off, Oscar and Bea pulled Milo away from te bird cage and dragged him back to the tank. Milo, who still wants to fly, is pullen from the tank by Mr. Mussels. He tells Milo that he has a real dream and his friends should support him. Oscar and Bea agreed, and the bird joined in. Milo noiticed the bird could talk, and that he pecked and screamed at Milo because he upsetted him and fought him with a stick. Milo apologizes the bird, and the bird forgived him. The bird offered to help Milo fly by letting Milo ride on him and fly aross the pet store, along with giving his friends a ride. As they flew across the store, Milo met the birds children and realized that he keeps apples under his wings. They all end up crashing to the light and set off the smoke alarm again ("Flying Fish").

When the gang went trick-or-treating outside the tanks for Halloween, they went to the bird, who gave each one of them apples ("Halloween Haul").



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