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This article is about the song. You may be looking for Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines.
Busy Bea
Hitting deadlines
Bea hitting her deadlines.
Song by Bea Goldfishberg
Length: 1:08
Previous: Dream Train
Current: Busy Bea
Fish Hooks songs - Busy Bea01:12

Fish Hooks songs - Busy Bea

Busy Bea is a song from "Busy Bea: Rise of the Machines". Bea's song is about she is busy. Later when she breaks her fin, Bea takes a robot power suit from Randy and she sings this song faster.


I wake up in the mornin', Hit the ground runnin',
Gettin' to my classes, tryin' to get some fun in
Lunch 'n' crunch 'n' hangin' at the mall.

Makin' my appointments, hittin' all my deadlines.
Homies wavin' at me, I'm doing just fine,
'Cause at the end of the day it's great to be me!

I'm a Busy Bea. I'm on top of the world with so much to see.

Yes sirreee!. I'm a busy Bea

Busy Bea! I'm on top of the world with so much to see.
Yes sirree, I'm a Busy Bea!

Do-do doo...

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