Clamantha's Pucker Practise
Clamantha's Pucker Practise menu
The opening menu for the game.
Release date:
Autumn 2010
Playable characters:
Usable objects:
Freshwater High classroom

Clamantha's Pucker Practise is the second "Fish Hooks" online game. The aim of the game is to kiss as many Oscar cardboard cut-outs as you can.


Clamantha wants her kiss from Oscar, and is ready. Oscar tries to stop Clamantha kissing him by making cardboard cut-outs of himself. You have to try and get Clamantha to kiss as many Oscar cut-outs as you can, and you have to make sure that Clamantha gets a top-up with lipstick by pressing the space bar.


Clamantha's Pucker Practise menu
The image gallery for Clamantha's Pucker Practice may be viewed here.

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