Clamantha's parents
Clamantha's parents
Species: Pond clam
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Two Clams in Love"
Voiced by:
Clamantha's Dad: Alex Hirsch
Clamantha's Mom:Dana Snyder

Personal Life

Clamantha introduced Webster to her parents, and her mom liked him, but not her dad. It is revealed that her dad is deaf, has no sense of smell, and only one of his eye works. Clamantha's mom told Webster that her dad is just in a bad mood because he's hungry. Then soon at dinner Clamantha's dad liked him, and Clamantha and Webster left. Later in the episode, Milo, Oscar, and Bea were in Clamantha's house so they can talk to Clamantha and Clamantha's parents followed them and said Clamantha locked herself in her room, and would only talk to Oscar ("Two Clams in Love").



  • Clamantha's dad was seen without his shell.
  • Her dad's name is Gerald.
  • Gerald gets cranky when he's hungry.
  • Her mom is a hairstylist. Get a Yob!
  • Gerald likes gravy.

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