Membership Information
Clamantha (Former)
Notable members:
Clamanda, 6 unnamed clams
Organizational Information
Type of organization:
St. Clamcis Clam School for Clams Cheerleaders
Freshwater High
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Milo's Big Idea

The Clamettes are a cheerleader group of clams which Clamantha used to be captain of, in which Clamanda stole.

Personal Life

The Clamettes were first seen working for Randy by making his fridge hats. Randy pointed out that they never stop working. Later when everyone lost their hair because of Randy, Randy got attacked by the Clamettes, who also seemed to have lost hair because of Randy's hat ("Milo's Big Idea"). The Clamettes were then seen in Clamanda's cheer sqad at the "All-Species High School Cheering Squad". The Clamettes remained silent when Clamanda was taunting or fighting Clamantha, but they still have some sort of grudge on Clamantha. After the Clamettes did their cheer, Coach Salmons first said that the winners were the Clamettes. However, he then announced that the real winners were Clamantha's cheer sqad, in which their trophy is bigger than the Clamettes. The Clamettes carried Clamanda away when she started plotting revenge on Clamantha ("We've Got Fish Spirit").


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