Coach Salmons
Species: Salmon
Gender: Male
Professional Information
  Freshwater High P.E teacher and health instructor
Friends and Family
Savannah Salmons
Mr. Mussels
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Underwater Boy"
Voiced by:
Richard Simmons

Human Coach Salmons

Coach Salmons is the enthusiastic P.E. teacher who is quick to offer motivation or a diagram of the food pyramid. He is a recurring character in the series.


He is very friendly, kind, and dramatic and seems to be more fit for an acting teacher. He sings a lot for no reasons like " Best of luck to you on your journey, talking volleyball!" ("The Dark Side of the Fish").

Personal Life

Coach Salmons first appeared when he announced the football players of Freshwater High. When Milo tried out for the football team, Coach Salmons saw agility and skill in Milo's tryouts. He said he as proud of him and that he has a star in his hands. But then, Coach Salmons made Milo "water boy" and belies that's his destiny. The next day, Milo figures out the game is in the Gecko Tank. Coach Salmons and the football team dehydrate, due to the tank being REALLY hot. The Geckos said Coach Salmons could have water if he forfeits the game. Just then, Milo came and gave everyone water. Thanks to this, the fishes win the game. When the team cheered for Milo, he said he owes all this to Coach Salmons and called him the best coach ever. With that, he drenched him with a bucket full of water. But Bea points out that it is the last of the water, making everyone dehydrate ("Underwater Boy").

When Milo storms off, mad at Oscar when they broke up, he passes Coach Salmons room where he was exercising ("Dances with Wolf Fish"). When Milo decides to keep people inside bowls, Coach Salmons asks why Bo Gregory got trapped in and they got in the same reason ("Milo Gets a Ninja"). Coach Salmons came when he wants to check on Milo when he got the dropsy. He decided to sing Milo a song to cheer him up. After he's done singing, he asks Milo if it made him feel better, with Milo saying "not one bit". At the end, Coach Salmons threw a recovery party for Albert Glass when he got cured, and sang his song again ("Dropsy!"). He was once teaching Milo and the girls yoga. When Milo kept falling in stretches, he asks Coach Salmons why he can't do any of the stuff the girls are doing. Coach Salmons pats Milo on the head and calls him a "sweetheart". He tells Milo that's because the girls are much, much stronger than him, which makes the other girls laugh. When Milo aks how can he get big and strong as the girls, Coach Salmons says he just needs to do his exercises and work really, really hard. Later when Milo grew big and strong, Coach Salmons thought he could cry, amazed that Milo used to be so small, but grew to a big, strong, "Petunia" ("Big Fish").

When Milo was hiding and curling into a ball at the gym, trying to call Bea, Coach Salmons thought Milo was a "fresh ball", and passed Milo to Bea. After Bea hit Milo real hard, determined to save Oscar, Coach Salmons calls him a "talking volleyball" ("The Dark Side Of The Fish"). He sang a little tiny bit of Now That I Don't Have You with Mr. Mussels ("Two Clams in Love"). When Oscar was about to take his drivers test, he found out that Coach Salmons and Mr. Mussels were his driving teachers. Oscar didn't really like the fact that two energetic and crazy teachers were his driving teachers, but he got in the car anyways. Mr. Mussels and Coach Salmons told Oscar the rules of driving, and that if he gets 3 "dings", he will fail his driving test. Oscar started driving, and they started out good. But they couldn't figure out how to get back to the DMV. After Oscar got 1 "ding" when he was reading while driving, Coach Salmons started singing with Mr. Mussels, which sort of annoyed Oscar. Oscar then drove out of the tanks, but he got 2 "dings" when he didn't look at the road. Coach Salmons and Mr. Mussels argued a little , but they quickly apologized. Oscar then remembered that Milo spends a lot of time having adventures outside the tanks, so Coach Salmons call Milo. He wasted time by asking Milo a bunch of ridiculous questions, and when he was about to ask Milo for directions, Oscar's cell phone died, so the three were stuck in the car, stranded outside the tank. Coach Salmons then saw the Burger Bunny restaraunt, so he asked Oscar if they could get a meal there. After Coach Salmons finished his drink, he said he needed to use the bathroom. Oscar turned the car to the side of the hall, but he got 3 "dings" for not using his turn signal, which means Oscar fails his driving test. However, right at that moment, Wilford the cat attacked the car. Coach Salmons and Mr. Mussels started panicking, but Oscar remembered what Milo and Bea told him. Oscar parallel parked between two boxes of cat food, and they found the DMV. For saving their life, Mr. Mussels and Coach Salmons allowed Oscar to have his driving licence. Oscar took a picture with his two driving teachers and received his licence after all ("Riding in Cars with Fish").

Coach Salmons was one of the many people who bought Randy Pincherson's fridge hats rather than Milo's fridge hats ("Milo's Big Idea"). When Randy was about to read Bea's diary out loud in front of the whole school, Coach Salmons was shocked when Randy said that they will find out that Bea has another side behind her nice personality ("Diary of a Lost Fish"). Coach Salmons, like everyone else, loved Oscar's morning announcement ever since Bea fixed it up ("Good Morning, Freshwater"). Coach Salmons sang the Cheer-Off Anthem at the "All-Species High School cheering squads" competition. Coach Salmons complimented the Freshwater High cheer the Clamettes cheer routine, and announced the winners of the contest ("We've Got Fish Spirit"). Coach Salmons was sitting next to Ms. Lips in the audience of the "Potatoes for Winter" play. Coach Salmons said that he loves students plays, and he held Ms. Lips's hand when all of the potatoes died, saying they'll get through this. This means Coach Salmons might have a crush on Ms. Lips like Mr. Baldwin ("Fish School Musical"). Coach Salmons was shown being really impressed by Bea's dance group in the talent show, saying it's "too good to be true" ("Fish Talent Show").

Background information

  • Along with mussels, salmon can't be kept as pets.



Coach Salmons

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