Dan and Ann Chovie
Dan and Ann Chovie cheering
Species: Anchovies
Friends and Family
Jumbo Shrimp
Albert Glass
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Bea Stays in the Picture"
Voiced by:
Jane Carr
Waiting in line for yearbook photos
Dan Chovie in front of Bea ("Bea Stays in the Picture")

Dan Chovie and Ann Chovie, otherwise known as the Chovie Twins are two twin anchovies who attend Freshwater High.


Dan has a blue shirt that has a letter "D" in it. Ann Chovie has a green shirt that has a "A" in it. They have lot's of school spirit and admiration. Dan Chovie seems to also be friends with Jumbo Shrimp and Albert.

Personal Life

They were about to be signed by Jocktopus. When Jocktopus signed them, they cheered in exclamation ("Underwater Boy"). Oscar once rode Dan and Ann's car, only to be uncomfortable because of the two once Ann said that she and Dan has matching birthmarks ("Riding in Cars with Fish"). Dan and Ann Chovie, like the other students, loved Oscar's morning announcements. When the cafeteria got closed, Dan and Ann panicked along with the rest of the students ("Good Morning, Freshwater"). When Bea and Milo tried to help Oscar find a club, they ran into the milking club, which they decided not to join once they saw Dan and Ann Chovie milk a cow ("We've Got Fish Spirit").

Dan and Ann were just as excited going to the Pupu Goodtimes amuesement park as the other students. Dan and Ann are seen staring in awe at one of the people that works on the carnival. It is unknown what they did for the remainder of the time at the field trip ("Good Times at Pupu Goodtimes"). When Milo, Oscar, Jumbo, and Albert splat hair gel all over student's hairs, the gel first landed on Dan, and he ended up getting perfect hair with Ann staring at him looking suprised and amuesed ("Hairanoid"). When Milo was about to play his kazoo even though Lonnie and the marching band banned him from playing it, Dan and Ann told him that the marching band sabotaged their recording session for their next album, which was called "The Chovies: Together Forever". Later in the "Battle of the Bands" between Milo and Lonnie, Dan, Ann and the other instrument-banned students helped Milo fight the marching band ("Banned Band").

Background Information

  • Dan wears a tie in Doris Flores Gorgeous.
  • Dan's name is revealed in "Riding in Cars with Fish" while Ann's name is revealed in "We've Got Fish Spirit".
  • Even though Dan is a male, his voice actress is Jane Carr.


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