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Dream Train
Fish hooks fish school musical picture
Song by Bea and Jocktopus
Length: 1:59
Bea, Jocktopus, Milo, Oscar, and Others chronology
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The Great Potato's Song (Milo),
Hey! (Oscar)
Potatoes (All)
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Fish Hooks songs - Dream Train01:59

Fish Hooks songs - Dream Train

The song is sung by Bea and Jocktopus after Jocktopus explains he can't make "potato magic" for Jocktopapa. ("Fish School Musical")


Bea: You've got your dreams.
Big ones it seems.
You and I just the same
But Dream Train's gonna take us so far.
Further than a ride in an old dream car.

Jocktopus: Let me on that Dream Train.
I, too, have a dream.
Got to sing and be a part of this.
This crazy thing.

Both: Dream Train's gonna take us so far.
Now you're gonna see me for who I are.

You and I share wishes,
The hopes and dreams of all the fishes,
riding on the Dream Train,
You're gonna be a star.
Dream's Train gonna take us so far,
Riding on the Dream Train you're gonna...

Oscar: Be...
Milo: A...
All: Star!
Dream Train!

The Great Potato's Song
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