Dumpy Muffins
Species: Octopus
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Underwater Boy" (Non-speaking cameo)
Voiced by:
Maxwell Atoms

Personal Life

Dumpy Muffins is a small, pink octopus that studies in Freshwater High. He is a hall monitor, like Clamantha and Jumbo Shrimp. Dumpy remained as a namesless background character until the Season 2 episode, "Milo on the Lam". Dumpy worked with Clamantha to bring Milo to dentention when everyone thought he glued Mr. Baldwin to his chair. When Milo started to protest that he didn't do it, Dumpy holded his arms that were in his back so he wouldn't escape. Later when Clamantha and the other hall monitors were chasing Milo, Dumpy was looking at Oscar, who told Dumpy to stop staring at him ("Milo on the Lam").


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