Species: Ferret
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Flying Fish"
Voiced by:
Alex Hirsch

Kari Wahlgren

Personal Life

The Ferrets are animals that reside in the pet store. When Milo tried to fly, he accidentally crashed to the lamp and set off the smoke alarm and the fire sprinklers. The Ferrets got angry at Milo and made fun of him. At the end when Milo, Oscar, Bea, and Mr. Mussels was riding at the Bird and crashed into the lamp, the Ferrets were angry at them again ("Flying Fish").



The Ferrets cheer in "We've Got Fish Spirit"


  • Milo calls them "snake-dogs".
  • Some of them were cheerleaders in the "all-species" cheer-off (We've Got Fish Spirit)

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