Fish Cop
Officer fish
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Run, Oscar, Run
Voiced by:
William Reiss

Fish Cop is one of the two police fish seen in the series. The other police fish being the Fish Police.

Personal Life

When Clamantha was driving Oscar to school, she was speeding, causing the Fish Cop to give them a ticket. However, before he did so, he kept saying nicknames for the students, which wasted time for Oscar's perfect attendance. After the Fish Cop kept talking when Oscar told him to hurry up, Milo grabbed the officer by the collar and desperatly told him that they needed to go to school in time. The Fish Cop, not liking Milo touching him, arrested them ("Run, Oscar, Run"). When Albert Glass (In his man voice), Milo, Oscar, and Jumbo Shrimp were leaving school (Albert's man voice made Mr. Baldwin think it was their dad), The fish cop caught them, and Albert lies to the officer that he was taking them to the hospital. But he said that with Albert's man voice he wouldn't do anything wrong and he lets them go with a warning. (Glass Man Standing).


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