(Bud is cleaning the floor)

Bea: So Clamantha, you may know that people have just known me as Bea, your average mannered goldfish! But after I tryout for the school play they will know me as Bea Goldfishberg, actual superstar!
Clamantha: Girl, I will think you'll do great! But let me help you out with my little pearl of wisdom!
Bea: Sure! (Clamantha hacks out a pearl at Bea) Umm... uh... Thanks?
Clamantha: I'm a clam!
Bea: So, Oscar, you're coming to my audition, right?
Oscar: What?
Bea: (sees a picture of herself and Oscar which reads "BEA LOVES OSCAR 4EVA") Is that a drawing of us?
Oscar: No! (Snatches the drawing and rips it up)
Mr. Baldwin: Okay, settle down! Eyes up here! Role call! (Entire class moans) Oscar?
Oscar: President, readly to learn, sir!
Mr. Baldwin: Bea?
Bea: Here! And avalible for (unknown, please put what the word(s) are here), weddings, and bebe showers!
Mr. Baldwin: Esmargot?
Esmargot: Here!
Mr. Baldwin: Jocktopus?
Jocktopus: JOCKTOPUS!
Mr. Baldwin: Milo? Milo? Where's Milo? (Freshwater Starts to shake and Mr. Baldwin screams when a giant eel comes in the classroom)
Milo: Here! (Coughs)
Bea: Woohoo! Alright!
Shellsea: Yeah! Bring the Party!
Mr. Baldwin: Milo, you're late. Again!
Milo: Mr. Baldwin! You are never gonna guess what happened this time!
Mr. Baldwin: You were swallowed by an e-
Milo: I was swallowed by an eel! So there I was, in my bathroom just eating my sandwich and all of the sudden I'm like "What happened to my fork?". I looked down and-
Mr. Baldwin: And nothing! It isn't always be about you, Milo! You think you got problems? Look at me! I'm pregnant! (Entire class gasps, except for Clamantha who laughs) You probably didn't know that male seahorses could get pregnant! Well neither did I, but life happens! You're gonna have to decide, bunny boy between being a fish or a selfish... fish!
Milo: A selfish fish! Me? (says "me" nine times in a row)

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