Snake wants to have party. Mouse said that there's no room, but Snake already invited everyone.

Opening Credits for "Fish Sleepover Party"

Story by

  • Justin Roiland

Written and Storyboard by

Directed by

  • William Reiss

Opening Credits for "Happy Birthday, Jocktopus"

  • Kyle Massey as Milo
  • Justin Roiland as Oscar
  • Chelsea Staub as Bea

Story by

Written and Storyboard by

Directed by

  • Maxwell Atoms

End Credits

Executive Producer

  • Maxwell Atoms

Co-Executive Producer

  • Noah Z. Jones

Story Editor

Line Producer

Developed for Television by

  • Alex Hirsch
  • William Reiss

Art Director

  • Noah Z. Jones

Storyboard Supervisor

Production Designer

Location Designers

Character Designers

Prop Designers

Color Stylist

Background Painters

Character cleanup

Creative Consultant

  • Alex Hirsch

Continuity Coordinator

Technical Director

Storyboard Revisionists

Timing Supervisor

Additional voices

Dialogue Director

Music by

Main Title Theme - Ring the Bell

Animation Production by

Film editor

Animatic editors

Assistant film editor

Digital coordinator

Post production supervisor

Post production coordinator

Dialogue Engineer

Re-recording mixers

Dialogue editor

Digital Audio Transfer:

Sound Designers:

On-line Editor:

Foley Artist:

Foley Mixer:

Production Supervisor

Production Associate

Production Secretary

Production Coordinator

Script Coordinators

Production Control

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