Fish Winter Vacation
Fish Winter Vacation
The logo for the marathon in a Disney Channel US promo.
Airdate: December 18, 2010
Channel: Disney Channel US
Runtime: 2 hours
Marathon chronology
Previous: None
Current: Fish Winter Vacation
Next: Fish Spring Break

Fish Winter Vacation was a Fish Hooks marathon which began at 8/7c on December 18, 2010 on Disney Channel US. It ran for 2 hours, and included the premiere of three new Fish Hooks shorts.


Short 1: "Hermit Crab Traffic"

Milo, Bea and Oscar hold up the traffic by traveling on a Hermit Crab.

Short 2: "Toothbrush"

Oscar wants to ask Bea to the dance, but has something stuck in his braces. He uses his toothbrush to clean it off, but it flies across the classroom and ends up covered in goo, lipstick and earwax.

Short 3: "Chuck 'em Out the Tank!"

Bea, Oscar and Milo are at the Hokey Poke Diner. Bea and Oscar are worrying about the test at school, but Milo isn't. Milo tells everyone to chuck the textbooks out of the tank and soon the whole restaurant turns into a musical.

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