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Fishy Dreamers
Milo looking at the fish with dreams.
Song by Milo
Released: March 04, 2011
Genre(s): Ballad
Length: 01:03
Milo chronology
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Current: Fishy Dreamers
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Fish Hooks songs - Fishy Dreamers01:10

Fish Hooks songs - Fishy Dreamers

Fishy Dreamers is a song when Milo doesn't have a dream and notices every other fish with one ("Flying Fish").


Looking at all these fishy dreamers
Leaf, makes me wanna scream...
I need to find something to feel special
I just need to find myself a dream

I'd steal your dreams if I could!

Look at all these fishy dreamers
Makes a man, makes a man, makes a man
Like me feel afraid
I don't have a dream to make me feel special
So for now, I say "good night"

Good night...

Background information

  • This is Milo's first solo song.




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