Freshwater High
Freshwater High
Freshwater High submerged in the Fishtank
Location: Bud's Pets
Political Information
Political Type:
High School
Principal Stickler
General Information
Known Citizens:
First Appearance:
Bea Stays in the Picture

Freshwater High is a high school located in a fish tank, which is located in a pet store. Mr. Baldwin is the homeroom teacher, Coach Salmons is the P.E. teacher and health instructor, Mr. Mussels is the head of the drama department, Principal Stickler is of course the principal and Dr. Frog is the journalist/creative writing teacher.





Backround Information

  • The school has a French Class tought by Dr. Frog (Hairanoid')
  • The School has a Basketball and Football team called The Fish Hooks
  • It is revealed in Freshwater Lives, Freshwater used to be a state prison.


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