"Fish Hooks" games. There are currently five games on the Disney Channel website.

Online games

Opening menu image Game title Release date Price Description Retailers
Catapult Chaos menu Catapult Chaos Autumn 2010 FREE Milo, Bea and Oscar discover that everyone in Freshwater High is stuck in a bubble. The three then try to save their friends by catapulting into their bubbles and freeing them. You have to choose which character to catapult and where the character catapults to and what the character will catapult into to free Milo, Bea and Oscar's friends. Bea, Milo, Oscar and Clamantha are all playable characters. Play the game at
Play the game at
Clamantha's Pucker Practise menu Clamantha's Pucker Practise Autumn 2010 FREE Clamantha wants her kiss from Oscar, and is ready. Oscar tries to stop Clamantha kissing him by making cardboard cut-outs of himself. You have to try and get Clamantha to kiss as many Oscar cut-outs as you can, and you have to make sure that Clamantha gets a top-up with lipstick by pressing the space bar. Play the game at
Freshwater Bounce menu Freshwater Bounce Autumn 2010 FREE At Freshwater High, it's the first day of track team try-outs. Coach Salmons tries to get the students to move their fins by getting them to participate in a jumping challenge. You have to choose which character to jump from planks of wood to reach the top. There are three types of wood, the blue-painted moving wood, the brown-painted easily-cracking wood, and ordinary wood. You must avoid Jocktopus and his fellow bullies from pushing you to the bottom. If you jump on a turquoise-coloured sponge or a buff wheel, you are travelled to a higher plank of wood. Milo, Bea and Oscar are playable characters. Play the game at
Play the game at
FishCoaster menu FishCoaster Autumn 2010 FREE Milo, Bea and Oscar go on the FishCoaster. You must control the speed of the FishCoaster by clicking on bubbles. If you click on 4 yellow bubbles, you are given a chance to accelerate the FishCoaster. Play the game at Disney
Play the game at
Soap 'n Swim menu Soap 'n Swim January/February 2011 FREE Freshwater High gets covered with soap and you choose whether Milo, Bea or Oscar can swim throughout Freshwater High. You must avoid obstacles such as students' desks, chairs and pop bubbles which have trapped students inside them. Play the game at
Poptropica Fish Hooks Game A character on the Poptropica goes in search of Bea's picture and replace it with a normal one. It is inspired by "Bea Stays in the Picture". It was available for a short time.
Hide 'n Seek 2010/2011 FREE You must enter a co-ordinate and try to find Fish Hooks characters. Play the game
Memory 2010/2011 FREE You must enter a co-ordinate and try to match up two cards with the same Fish Hooks character on. Play the game
Remember It 2010/2011 FREE You have to remember the pattern of the cards, in which a Fish Hooks character is on. Play the game
Fish Hooks Minisodes July 2011 FREE You can create a minisode of Fish Hooks. Play the game

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