Goth Fish
From left to right: Bleak Molly, Razor, Scabbo, Goth Squid
Membership Information
Razor V. Doom
Notable members:
Goth Squid
Bleak Molly
Organizational Information
Type of organization:
High School Stereotype
Freshwater High
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Bea Stays in the Picture

Goth Fish are a stereotype in Freshwater High. Like most other high schools, these goth fish sit away from the crowd, wear black clothes, rarely talk but to each other and usually focus around death and dark images.

The Group

Goths date way far back possibly just as in Freshwater High. They like the darker side of things and like to be secluded into their own group. They sit in the back of the class with each other. The leader of the Goth Fish is Razor V. Doom, who makes meetings and leads the group ("Funny Fish", "The Dark Side Of The Fish"). The members include Scabbo, Bleak Molly, and Goth Squid . Oscar is known as one of the fish in the group, but later quits and chooses to be with his friends instead ("The Dark Side Of The Fish").


Background Information

  • The Goth Fish(except Bleak Molly) played the Freshwater's news show music.


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