Season: 2
Production code: 201b
Broadcast number: 43
Written by:
Tim McKeon, Meghan McCarthy, Nick Confalone and Neil Dusedau
Directed by:
Bill Reiss and Carl Greenblatt
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
November 4, 2011
International Debut:
Paired with
"Bea's Commercial"
Oscar and Milo, along with their friends Jumbo Shrimp and Albert Glass, discover that the key to Steve Jackson’s perfection lies within his hair, so they devise a plan to use his secret recipe hair gel to become perfect themselves. It works too, until the hair gel runs out and they see themselves for who they really are.

Episode Summary




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Running Gags

Bud's Pets &...

  • The additional service next to the sign at the beginning.

Memorable Quotes

Steve: You don't need hair gell for getting good grades, being good at dodgeball or... various other things.
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Background Information

Production Information



  • "Hairanoid" is similar to the word "Paranoid".


Bea's Commercial
Episodes Next:
Adventures in Fish-Sitting

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