Hugh Edmundson
Hugh Edmonson
Species: French Fish
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Doris Flores Gorgeous"
Voiced by:
Maxwell Atoms

Hugh Edmundson is a green French Fish who goes to Freshwater High.

Personal Life

Hugh Edmundson once asked Bea to go to the National Kelp Museum together ("Doris Flores Gorgeous"). When Milo started recycling at Freshwater, he somehow took off Hugh Edmundon's mouth and turned his frown into a smile ("Legend of the Earth Troll"). In the "Potato's for Winter" play, Hugh Edmundon played as one of the citizens of El Gratin. He was one of the bakers of the town, the other being Bo Gregory ("Fish School Musical").

Hugh Edmundson tried auditioning for the Hokey Poke commercial, although he failed to get the part and swam away, crying ("Bea's Commercial"). When Oscar got perfect scores in French class after he got hold of Steve Jackson's hair gel, Hugh Edmundon congratulated him ("Hairanoid").

Background Information


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