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The following is a complete episode list in production order for the television show, Fish Hooks.

Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD releases
1 21 September 3, 2010 TBA TBA

Season 1: 2010-2011

# Title Story by/Written by Directed by Original airdate PC
1a Bea Stays in the Picture Tim McKeon
Maxwell Atoms
Maxwell Atoms 2010-09-03 3 September 2010 101a
It's the school's picture day and Bea, Milo and Oscar try to make their picture the best. While Oscar's photo turns out bad with the flash reflecting off his braces and Milo's turning out a little weird, Bea tries to make it perfect. When the photo is taken and Bea does not appreciate it, she and Milo infiltrate Clamantha's yearbook office while Oscar takes Clamantha on a date in order to keep her away from the yearbook office.

Guest voice: John Caparulo as Photographer

1b Fish Out of Water Justin Roiland
Alex Hirsch
Ian Wasseluk
Maxwell Atoms 2010-09-03 3 September 2010 101b
When Milo, wearing his special "Water Suit," ventures outside the tank alone, Bea and Oscar must risk everything to save him, and all three end up stranded in the pet store to face the wrath of Wilford, the store cat. Now, Milo has to put his selfishness aside to save his friends.

Guest voice: John Caparulo as FinEx Delivery

2a Fish Sleepover Party William Reiss William Reiss 2010-09-24 24 September 2010 102a
Bea has a girl sleepover party and Milo and Oscar feel left out so they attend the party as Milovia and Oscarlinabeth. Shellsea and Bea let them in but they aren't fooled by their disguises so they make them prove that they are girls.
2b Happy Birthfish, Jocktopus Jacqueline Buscarino
Derek Evanick
Maxwell Atoms 2010-10-08 8 October 2010 102b
In order to avoid being the next victims of school bully Jocktopus, Bea and Milo decide to give him a birthday present, but end up accidentally giving away Oscar. Jocktopus uses Oscar to make his bullying job easier, and sets his sights on Bea and Milo.

Guest voice: Maile Flanagan as Sunny

3a Doris Flores Gorgeous Jacqueline Buscarino
Derek Evanick
William Reiss 2010-10-01 1 October 2010 103a
Oscar creates a fake girlfriend, Doris Flores Gorgeous (played by Tiffany Thornton), when he thinks everyone else at Freshwater High is dating, but things go wrong when Bea and Milo want to visit her in Fish Niagara Falls, forcing Oscar to see just how far he's willing to go with his lie.

Guest voice: Tiffany Thornton as Doris Flores Gorgeous

3b Underwater Boy Andy Rmeingold
Alex Almaguer
Maxwell Atoms
William Reiss
Maxwell Atoms 2010-10-01 1 October 2010 103b
Milo's fame-seeking attempt to make the school football team lands him a position as water boy. When the team plays an away game at the gecko tank, Milo realizes the importance of his role and rushes to the game before the team dries up and has to forfeit.

Guest voice: Chelsea Staub as Stephanie

4a Bea Becomes an Adult Fish Jacqueline Buscarino
Niki Yang
William Reiss
William Reiss 2010-10-15 15 October 2010 104b
Bea decides to grow up and get a job working for Fish Flakes, Inc., but realizes she misses her old carefree life. Meanwhile, Oscar and Milo get mistaken for her children at her office and get sent to daycare with a bunch of baby fish.

Guest voice: Lauren Tom as Barb

4b Doggonit Tim McKeon
Carl Faruolo
Maxwell Atoms 2010-10-22 22 October 2010 104a
Feeling that Oscar does not want to hang out with him, Milo gets a dog to keep him company. Oscar takes care of the dog while Milo is out, but the dog suddenly goes missing and Oscar recruits Bea to help him find it.
5a Fail Fish Tim McKeon
Ian Wasseluk
William Reiss 2010-11-05 5 November 2010 105a
Bea and Oscar help Milo study for his final exam so he doesn't get held back a grade like their old friend Kevin. Bea tries to help by doing a play which doesn't help. So, due to that failure, Oscar, Albert Glass and Jumbo Shrimp try to help in a nerdy game but again fail. Soon Bea and Oscar figure out that the only way for him to learn is to put him through dangerous stunts.

Guest voice: Jason Earles as Kevin

5b Funny Fish Andy Rmeingold
Clayton Morrow
C. H. Greenblatt 2010-11-27 27 November 2010 105b
Milo and Bea try to get Oscar laughing, and Milo tells him he should just pretend. But then Oscar gets obsessed with pretend laughing and accidentally laughs at Jocktopus, who decides to beat him up.

Guest voice: Roger Craig Smith as Pass

6a Queen Bea Tim McKeon
Derek Evanick
C. H. Greenblatt 2010-10-22 22 October 2010 106a
Bea, not wanting her parents to embarrass her, decides to make a fake dance for Milo, Oscar, and Clamantha to distract them with, while she goes to the real dance to be crowned queen of the dance.

Guest voice: Derek Evanick as Student Council

6b Baldwin the Super Fish Tim McKeon
Carl Faruolo
William Reiss 2010-12-03 3 December 2010 106b
Milo suspects that Mr. Baldwin is actually a super hero named Captain Aquarium in his disguise. Oscar believes him because of his reasoning. Bea also tags along because she needs an interesting story for her journalism class project that is due on Monday.

Guest voice: Kevin McDonald as Dr. Frog

7a Milo Gets a Ninja Tim McKeon
Alex Almaguer
Derek Evanick
C. H. Greenblatt
C. H. Greenblatt 2011-01-07 7 January 2011 107a
Milo finds a Siamese fighting fish, and uses his skills to intimidate Jocktopus and stop him from bullying everyone at school. But with the ninja at his side, Milo becomes hungry with power and eventually turns into the bullier and traps everyone in fish bowls like a pound for fish.

Guest voice: Richard Horvitz as Ninja Fish

7b Dances with Wolf Fish Jacqueline Buscarino
Niki Yang
William Reiss 2010-12-10 10 December 2010 107b
Oscar tries to find a new roommate when he notices that Milo is impossible to live with. Milo ends up with Wolf Fishes and Oscar ends up with Principal Stickler, which does not go out well.

Guest voice: Greg Cipes as Steve Jackson

8a Fishing For Compliments: The Albert Glass Story 2011-01-29 29 January 2011 109a
Everyone at school likes Bea, except for Albert Glass. So, Bea decides to get Milo and Oscar to help her get on Albert’s good side. Also, the Swirlies are in town and everyone is trying to get tickets to the Swirlies.
8b Dropsy! Bill Reiss 2011-01-21 21 January 2011 109b
Milo fakes having a disease called Dropsy when he sees Albert Glass, who also has the fish illness gets special attention and treatment. However, Milo learns he will be sent away so he doesn't infect anyone.
9a Big Fish 2011-02-04 4 February 2011 110a
Milo joins Bea in her new exercise class, and turns out to be the weakest fish in the class, so he gets help from Jumbo Shrimp to get Bigger and Stronger.
9b The Dark Side of the Fish 2011-02-11 11 February 2011 110b
Oscar joins the group of goth fish and changes his name to Bubblethorn.
10a Fish Floaters 2011-02-25 25 February 2011 111a
The boys face off against the girls for best float.
10b Dollars and Fish 2011-02-18 18 February 2011 111b
Oscar, Milo, and Bea decide to go to a Brandon Bubbler concert and when Milo doesn't have enough money he takes a loan from Randy Pincherson. Now he needs to pay him off before getting the "Big Pinch".
11a Flying Fish 2011-03-04 4 March 2011 112a
After Mr. Mussels gives an inspiring speech about going after your dreams, Milo ends up finding his dream in an actual dream … he wants to fly across the pet store! Bea and Oscar are certain that this is just a Milo moment, but realize he’s serious after Milo decides to trap a bird (played by George Takei) to fly on.
11b Legend of the Earth Troll 2011-04-8 8 April 2011 112b
When Earth Day comes along, Oscar tries to persuade Milo to recycle.
14 We've Got Fish Spirit 2011-07-08 8 July 2011 112
Oscar discovers his collage dreams and aspirations are put in jeopardy because of his lack in extracurriculer activities, so Bea and Milo try to find Oscar the perfect club, and find Clamantha fighting with her arch-nemesis, Clamanda, and Milo, Oscar, and Bea's friends join Clamantha's cheerleaders team after her team gets brought by humans, but Bea turns out to be in Jumbo Shrimp and Albert Glass' map club so she is unable to help out the team. [1]
12a Two Clams in Love 2011-03-11 11 March 2011 113a
When Clamantha’s crush on Oscar begins to overwhelm him, he thinks his problems are solved when she develops a crush on his laptop, mistaking it for a fellow clam. When the battery starts to die, Clamantha is upset that her new boyfriend is ignoring her and Oscar must find a way to make things right.
12b Peopleing 2011-04-1 1 April 2011 113b
Milo decides to go peopleing (to impress Chief) and ends up in Bud's pocket while Oscar, Bea, and Chief try to rescue him before it's too late.
13a Pamela Hamster Returns 2011-05-13 13 May 2011 114a
When Milo and Pamela Hamster do a video chat, Pamela decides to visit Milo. So Milo drains all the tanks and gets everyone else to go to a party called "Cinco de Milo" and almost gets arrested for draining of the tanks and the failure to throw an awesome party.
13b Parasite Fright 2011-04-15 15 April 2011 114b
After Milo sees a scary movie, he is convinced that the whole school is infected with brain-eating parasites.
15a Riding in Cars with Fish 2011-06-18 18 June 2011 116a
Oscar takes his driving test, but things get wild when his driving instructors turn out to be Mr. Mussels and Coach Salmons.
15b Milo's Big Idea 2011-06-18 18 June 2011 116b
Milo comes up with a great idea: fridge hats. But when Randy Pincherson mysteriously starts selling fridge hats and claiming he came up with the idea, Milo and the others must figure out how Randy knew the idea and how to expose him.
16a Run, Oscar, Run 2011-08-12 12 August 2011 117a

16b Mascotastrophe 2011-06-24 24 June 2011 117b
Milo and Oscar dress as the school's mascot, but when the fame-happy Milo exposes them, not only does he embaress his shy brother, but players from a rival school kidnap Oscar to destroy Freshwater High's moral for the championship.
17a Good Morning, Freshwater 2011-07-02 2 July 2011 118a
Oscar bores everyone in Freshwater High School with his morning announcements, so Bea helps make the show more entertaining, but after Oscar realizes that she starts making the morning announcements not about school and decides to quit, but doesn't get his chance to announce the cafeteria being closed for repairs.
17b Diary of a Lost Fish 2011-06-26 26 June 2011 118b
Randy Pincherson steals Bea's diary and blackmails her to go on a date with him. In order to get her diary back, she goes on a date with Randy. Milo and Oscar steal Randy's diary.
18a Good Times at Pupu Goodtimes 2011-07-19 19 July 2011 119a

18b Oscar Makes an Impression 2011-07-16 16 July 2011 119b

? Fish School Musical {{{director}}} September 2011 12x
The students of Freshwater High contribute in a play "potatoes for winter", which Milo plays the role of a potato.