Ms. Lips
Fish Lips Sink Ships 149
Species: Squid
Professional Information
  Freshwater High School Counselor
Friends and Family
Love interests:
Mr. Baldwin (husband)
Pets: Attila (catfish)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Pamela Hamster Returns (Non-speaking cameo)
Voiced by:
Jennifer Coolidge

Human Lulu Lips

Ms. Lulu Latoya Lips is apparently the school counselor of Freshwater High. She's a recurring character of the series.

Personal Life

Ms. Lips was having a talk with Jocktopus before Oscar came to Ms. Lips' conference room. Oscar gave Ms. Lips his transcript. Ms. Lips was impressed with it, and gave him some stickers. Oscar asked her if he could get into a good college, and Ms. Lips told Oscar to join some school clubs in order to get him into his perfect college. After Oscar implies that he has no plans to join a club, she reminds Oscar the option of going to a lower rank college, Mediocre State. She tells him that she went to that college and she turned out to be "just fine." Ms. Lips's statement and her creepy "close-up face," caused Oscar to quickly run out of her room. Ms. Lips is seen in the audience watching the "All-Species High School Cheering Squad" ("We've Got Fish Spirit"). Also, Ms. Lip is good friends with Bea, Milo, Oscar.

Ms. Lips was watching the "Potatoes for Winter" play, sitting next to Coach Salmons, who has a possible crush on her. When Jocktopus, who was playing the part of "Beastapus," got stage fright and didn't say anything on stage, the whole audience was staring at him. Ms. Lips quoted that she felt uncomfortable, only to notice she was sitting on a tack. When the "Great Potato" got captured by Beastapus, Ms. Lips quoted that all of the potatoes were going to die, with Coach Salmons holding her hand, saying the two of them will get through the scene ("Fish School Musical").

When Oscar and Milo worked at Carla's Secret to receive the money to buy Bea's dress, Oscar came across Ms. Lips, who told Oscar that she wanted a blouse that will fit her size. When Oscar asked her what size clothes she wears, Ms. Lips said she thinks she's a '2. In the changing room, Ms. Lips humorously put the blouse on her head, but the blouse couldn't even fit right. Ms. Lips told Oscar that she left her purse at home, but Oscar pointed out that she's holding her purse. Ms. Lips responded by saying she's an idiot, leaving the room and crashing her head on the top of the door. At the school prom, Mr. Baldwin gave Ms. Lips a hat he was forced to buy by Oscar and Milo. Ms. Lips put on the hat, although it ripped once she put it on, and she skipped to the school. Mr. Baldwin's crush on Ms. Lips is revealed when he replied "What a doll" once Ms. Lips walked inside the school, crashing her head on the wall once again ("Employee Discount").

When Oscar and Milo got tangled in their puppet strings, they went to Ms. Lips's office. Bea also went there to get some guidance from her. When Oscar told Ms. Lips to get sissors to cut the string, she dangerously got out the sissors and destroyed some stuff in her desk with it. Bea untied Milo and Oscar and they joined her dance group ("Fish Talent Show").

Ms. Lips was seen teaching Bea a guidance lesson, only for Bea to ask Ms. Lips why she asked her to go there. Ms. Lips told Bea that she wants her to babysit in her house that night. Bea told her that she has to go out on Friday nights, with Ms. Lips saying she hasn't been out her house on a Friday night in so many decades. Even though Bea didn't really say "yes", Ms. Lips trusted and told Bea to babysit her house while she takes her pottery class. Bea brang Oscar and Milo to Ms. Lips's house, who seemed to have put on makeup for her night out. Bea asked Ms. Lips where her baby is, and Ms. Lips told them that he sometimes gets scared when he hears the doorbell, and that he's probably hiding under her bed. Ms. Lips then introduced her catfish, Attila. Ms. Lips then thanked Bea and left. Later on, Attila runs away from the house, so Bea made Milo into a catfish to fool Ms. Lips for a while. Ms. Lips actually fell for their plan, so Bea and Oscar then goes out to find Attila. Bea and Oscar brang Attila back to Ms. Lips's house, and they confessed about what happened. But Ms. Lips forgave her and gave her the poorly made pottery she made in her pottery class ("Adventures in Fish-Sitting").

Background Information

  • Ms. Lips is dating Mr. Baldwin, as of "Fish Lips Sink Ships," and they are engaged as of "Labor of Love," but she seems to have a close friendship with Coach Salmons.
  • A running gag in the series is Ms. Lips crashing her head on the wall, due to her tall size.
  • She is not allowed to drive a car anymore.
  • She never ate spinach.
  • Ms. Lips once had a spatula named Bryan.
  • She is bad at pottery.
  • Ms. Lips can't drink coffee because it gives her nausea.
  • She likes Mexican food. 
  • She is bad at math.
  • Her self-esteem is extremely low.
  • She hates think.


  • "And I just realized, my hands look like paddles! Paddle hands! Paddle hands!"
  • "Well Oscar, I remembered I left my purse at home".
    Oscar: "Ms. Lips, your purse is right there, you're holding it".
    Ms. Lips: "Oh. Well, so I'm an idiot."
  • "Okay, you know what? Thanks mom for making me so gosh darn tall!"
  • (Ms. Lips drove past her own home then goes back)
    Ms. Lips: "Oh yeah, that's my house!"
  • (Ms. Lips knocking on her door)
    Ms. Lips: "Hello? Is anyone home? Oh, wait a minute, I don't need to knock, I live here!"
  • "I feel uncomfortable. (looks down at her seat) Oh! It's cause I was sitting on a tack!"
  • "Oh skadoodle, It's magic!"
  • "Baldwin plus Lips...well, it's a good thing I'm not good at math."


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