— Milo's catchphrase

Milo Fishtooth
Species: Siamese fighting fish
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Nationality: American
Hometown: Bud's Pets
Born: March 28, 1994
Professional Information
Hokey Poke employee (momentarily)
  Freshwater High
Friends and Family
Mother Bird (adoptive mother)
Oscar (brother)
Bea Goldfishberg
Albert Glass
Jumbo Shrimp
Love interests:
Finberley (formerly)
Pamela Hamster (ex-girlfriend)
Grunion Granola Girl
Shiloh (girlfriend)
Pets: Murphy
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Bea Stays in the Picture" (s1)
Voiced by:
Kyle Massey
Milo Fishtooth (born March 28, 1994) is the main protagonist of the series and is labeled a "party guy." He is the brother of Oscar and is best friends with Bea.                                     

Personality and Fun Facts

Milo is a cute and adventurous fish who likes to have fun and party. He is very optimistic and friendly, and he will never let any of his friends leave him ("Fish Sleepover Party", "Dollars and Fish"). He also seems to have some sort of attention disability ("Fail Fish"). Milo likes doing a lot of dangerous things like sticking his head in a water pipe, trying to fly, and attempting to tame a bird ("Flying Fish"). Milo is also very lazy and wears Oscar's underwear ("Dances with Wolf Fish"). He can also be very determined. He describes himself as a guy that "goes into dangerous adventures for no good reason" ("Peopleing"). He also tends to jump to conclusions.



Photo Bombing Fish 2

Oscar and Bea hold hands while Milo looks on happily.

Despite the fact that the two are brothers, they are polar opposites of each other, causing fights at times. Usually their fights consist of Oscar being upset over something reckless that Milo did or Milo being upset with Oscar's strictness. The two help each other out, though, and usually make up at the end showing that they really care for each other, shown most prominently in "Brothers' Day." In "Pool Party Panic", we see that Milo knows about Oscar's crush on Bea in the fish world.


Milo is one of Bea's two best friends. The two seem to be good friends that help each other out or help Oscar when he is having a problem; although whenever Milo does something very reckless, she sides with Oscar in scolding him ("Dollars and Fish"). Milo and Bea were both pretending to date each other in "Bea Dates Milo", but soon broke up, because they just wanted to be friends.


Milo sees Chief as a role model due to the fact that he is the only fish that has been outside the tank more times than himself. Chief does not seem to care or know who Milo is, but is willing to help Oscar and Bea save him ("Peopleing").

Albert Glass and Jumbo Shrimp

Milo is friends with Albert and Jumbo, sometimes seen in a group with the two, along with Oscar. He enjoys participating in geeky activities with them. Milo does, however, call Albert Glass names ("Fishing for Compliments: The Albert Glass Story").

Pamela Hamster

Milo had a crush on Pamela the Hamster in "Hooray for Hamsterwood", basing their relationship on a lie, because Milo dresses up like a hamster in order to keep her from finding out that he is really a fish. Though she does eventually discover his secret, she does not get mad, but instead states that she is actually a gerbil. The two eventually break up some time before the episode "Bea Dates Milo".


Milo met Shiloh and became her boyfriend in Guys' Night Out. Shiloh is essentially a female clone of Milo, and is Angela's best friend. She is not seen again after this episode, implying that they broke up or she was just a gag character.


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Background Information

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    The Real Milo

    Milo loves apples, as first seen in "Funny Fish".
  • Milo used to be selfish ("Fish Out of Water", "Dollars and Fish").
  • Milo and Oscar have yet to have their last names revealed.
  • Milo sometimes takes stuff literally like a dream from Mr. Mussels ("Flying Fish").
  • Milo got his driver's license before his brother, Oscar, got his ("Riding in Cars with Fish").
  • Milo loves bunnies.
  • Milo refuses to celebrate any holiday if it is not associated with some kind of magical being ("Legend of the Earth Troll").
  • He seems to know a bit about Mr. Baldwin's life ("Fail Fish").
  • He and Oscar wear "brother rings" which are in the shape of a skull. The skulls laugh dreadfully while their eyes glow red when shown ("Dances with Wolf Fish").

    Original Milo

  • Milo is shown to have "baby legs" in the episode "Mascotastrophe," when he tries to persuade Oscar to come back.
  • Milo once had a habit of farting in Oscar's bed because mainly he does not want his own bed sheets to stink ("Milo and Oscar Move In").
  • He once went on a date with Finberley ("Doris Flores Gorgeous").
  • In the original design of Milo, he looked different and taller.
  • Milo is shown to be a bit of a narcissist.
  • Even though Milo is not a nerd, he plays nerd games ("Guys' Night Out").
  • Milo may be Oscar's younger brother because of his size, being immature, and having baby legs.
  • He has dreamt that he and his friends have been humans, food, and pigs ("Pool Party Panic").
  • According to Noah Z. Jones, Milo would study "Fish American Literature" when he goes to university.
  • He is apparently one of the only fish that pees in the water instead of the bathroom ("Bea Saves a Tree").