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Mr. Mussels' Rap Battle Song
Song by Mr. Mussels
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Fish Hooks songs - Mr. Mussels' Rap

Mr. Mussels' Rap Battle Song is a rap sung by Mr. Mussels when he tried to win over the Queen of England ("Oscar Makes an Impression").


Crack open my shell, baby, serve me with fries.
I'm a school rappin' mussel, not like other guys.
And no, I'm not perfect, I got barnacles too,
But like a ??? I'm stuck on you.

I don't mean to come off as selfish or rude,
But you gotta give a chance to the shelfish dude.
Don't need to buy you diamonds, no cars, no way,
'Cause I can't afford those on a teachers' pay.

Gonna treat you like a queen you were meant to be,
Not the one of Fish England, but the queen of me.

So come on fishy lady, making muscles at you,
Meet me at the altar and say I do.

Good To Be the Queen
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