Mr. Nibbles
Mr. Nibbles
Species: Hamster
Gender: Male
Professional Information
  Hamster TV producer
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Hooray for Hamsterwood"
Voiced by:
Jason Alexander

Mr. Nibbles is the TV producer of Hamsterwood.

Personal Life

When Bea came to Hamsterwood to get her own TV show, she spots Mr. Nibbles complaining about the fish smell, but noticecs it was Milo, Oscar, and Bea, so he welcomed them to Hamsterwood and showed them around Hamster Studios. He put Oscar and Bea in the green room to wait until it's time for Bea to go on TV. While Milo is with Pamela Hamster, Mr. Nibbles called Bea to go in for her show. When they all noticed it was a dare show to win money if you eat the mystery item, it turned out Bea was the mystery item! After Milo and Oscar successfully rescued Bea when she faked to have a disease and headed off Hamsterwood, Mr. Nibbles said that was the last time he works with fish, and from now on it's just geckos ("Hooray for Hamsterwood"). Mr. Nibbles and Sterling Hamsterton came to the tanks to pick up Pamela Hamster for her next movie, "Hamster School Musical". Mr. Nibbles again complained about the fish smell ("Pamela Hamster Returns").

Background Information


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