Parasite Fright
Parasite Fright
Season: 1
Production code: 115b
Broadcast number: 27
Broadcast Information
Disney Channel US Premiere:
April 29, 2011
International Debut:
to be announced
Paired with
Pamela Hamster Returns

Milo fears that everyone in school is infected with parasites. He is so paranoid because he watched a scary movie. Things get worse when Albert Glass looks like a parasite.

Episode Summary

Milo fears that everyone in school is infected with fish brain parasites after watching a badly produced movie that when you fall asleep the parasites which look like stereotype aliens go into your brain. The "symptoms" of F.B.P. as Milo calls it, are not having any reaction to anything. At school he pokes everyone, but coincidently, they are the characters that don't have any reaction (like Shellsea). Then they find milo at the cafeteria and he is blowing into a horn to keep FBP away. Albert then orders a green tea broccoli smoothie, and when he drinks it he turns green. Then he puts on some "cool shades" and he giggles so hard that his wig fell off, making him look like a FBP. Albert goes over to Milo, Bea, and Oscar and talks like a alien, freaking Milo out. Then, Albert vows to keep up Milo's spirits if it's the last thing he will do, then chases Milo around talking like a alien. Milo makes his way to Principal Stickler's office. He explains that FBP have taken over the school. Stickler shows Milo something on tv that say if FBP are exposed to air, they go away. Stickler and Milo go into Stickler's secret hideout and press a "drain tank" button, then after Albert *dies* he puts water back into the tank. Then we cut to Milo on his couch saying that's basically how he became the coolest fish. Bea tells Milo that's why they don't let him watch scary movies (at least untill Milo's a adult). Then they show him "Rainbow Pony Picnic Land 2 case", because there is nothing scary about ponies! After that, little rainbow ponies go into Oscar and Bea's brains.




Parasite fright title card
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Running Gags

Bud's Pets &

  • UFO Supplies

Memorable Quotes

Milo is blowing a horn and Bea can't hear Oscar.
Oscar: (screaming) Your hair smells like a strawberry dream! And (Milo stops blowing horn) your lips-
Bea: What were you saying about my lips?
Milo: And you! (throws Clamantha out of the tank)
Clamantha: What?

Background Information

  • It is unknown why Clamantha was upside down causing Milo to trip.
  • This the first time Oscar talks about his crush on Bea to Bea, but she couldn't hear because Milo was blowing his horn.
  • Oscar gets further with Bea in this episode than he has in other episodes

Production Information



  • Eat, Pray, Love: "Eat, Swim, Float" is a parody of "Eat, Pray, Love"
  • Regular Show: This is similar to the episode Ello Gov'nor in where Rigby watches a horror movie too and gets infected.


Previously produced episode:
"Pamela Hamster Returns"
"Parasite Fright" Next produced episode:
"Riding in Cars with Fish"
Previously aired episode:
"Legend of the Earth Troll"
Next aired episode:
"Pamela Hamster Returns"

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