Species: Fish
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Bea Stays in the Picture
Voiced by:
John DiMaggio

The Photographer was the fish who took the pictures on picture day. He most likely works for the school and gets tired very easily with high schoolers. His pictures usually turn out bad for the students. The photographer also seems sarcastic and obnoxious.

Personal Life

The photographer was in charge of making the yearbook photos in Freshwater High. After several students took their picture, Bea was next, but sneezed at the moment the camera flashed ("Bea Stays in the Picture"). When Randy blackmailed Bea to go on a date with him, the photographer was seen eating dinner with his possible wife. He was shown to dislike the statue of Randy Pincherson, and thought Bea must be really losing self-esteem for dating a guy like Randy ("Diary of a Lost Fish").


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