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Please Say You'll Stay
Song by Mr. Baldwin
Length: 2:19
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Please Say You'll Stay is a Wedding Proposal song from "Labor of Love"


Miss Lips... Before you walk out and go...
I don't hate your cat
This is something you really have to know.

Because he's part of your property
And everything about you
Makes me very happy.

I know i'm not Perfect
I'm old and fat
But I never meant to hurt you
You... Or your cat!

When I try to tell you
The words came out all wrong
Just so wrong
But all I have left is this song.

We sale for us the oceans
To lost in the lonely ships.
But the light that all the skies hold
Is the shine that you be gleam.

Please Say You'll Stay...
Please Say You'll Stay...
Please Say You'll Stay With Me. (x4)

Background Information

  • The song is a parody of Styx's hit, "Come Sail Away".




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