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Fish Hooks songs - Potatoes02:18

Fish Hooks songs - Potatoes

Potatoes is a song from "Fish School Musical".


Albert: Welcome to the town of Au Gratin. Mmm, Winter's a comin'. There's something in the air.
Oscar: Sorry!
Albert: In a land where yaks go to die, how do we survive? Good question, my friend, I tell you in one word...

All: Potatooooo...
Hey! Potatoes!

Bea: What is delicious
And so nutritious?
Hugh, Bo Gregory, Tabitha: And can be cooked in
A many different ways?

Principal Stickler: What?
All: Potatoes!
Principal Stickler: Oh...

Bo Gregory, chorus: Potatooooo...
Winnie, chorus: Potatooooo...
Hugh, chorus: Potatooooo...oes!
All: Hey! Potatoes!

Bea: Oh, papa! This is the most bountiful harvest we have ever had!
Albert: Yes, Svetlana, my daughter. Our enchanted spud, the Great Potato, has indeed, been good to us this year. We must dance for him.

Finberley, Shellsea, Bea, Jumbo, Esmargot: Who is the reason
For the happy season?
Who makes potatoes grow?

Albert, Jumbo: He's magical and mystical!
Razor, Bleak Molly: I think you get the chissical.

Dan and Ann Chovie, chorus: Potatooooo...
Hey! Potatoes!

Ms. Lips: Oh, skadoodle, it's magic!

Milo: Ho, ho, ho! I am the Great Potato!
Finberley: I love you, Great Potato!
Milo: I bless this harvest to be the best harvest EVER!!!

Dumpy, Bo Gregory, Razor, Esmargo: Potatoe Juice and French Fries
Curly Fries and Steak Fries
Jumbo, Albert, James: Wobble Cun and Home Fries!
Milo: Gimmie some, now!!

Albert: Mash em, mash em, bake em, fry em!
Make em anyway you like em!
Milo: You know how this goes!

All: Potatooooo...
Hey! Potatoes!

Reprise lyrics:
Albert: So, that was our story. Yaks may die, Princes may transform into beasts, but love and family survive. Thanks to...

All: Potatooooo...
Hey! Potatoes!

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