Snake tells Mouse she loves school dances, with the music and dresses. Snake then asks Mouse to dance with her. Mouse tells Snake dancing is for spiders. Snake still pleads to dance, but Mouse doesn't. But Snake then grabs Mouse and starts dancing with her. Mouse tells Snake to stop, but Snake still dances and smears Mouse in the glass, along with Mouse saying "This is why I don't go to school dances!"

Opening Credits for "Queen Bea"

Story by

Written and Storyboard by

Directed by

Opening Credits for "Baldwin the Super Fish"

Story by

  • Tim McKeon

Written and Storyboard by

Directed by

End Credits

Executive Producer & Supervising Director

  • Maxwell Atoms

Co-Executive Producer

  • Noah Z. Jones

Story Editor

  • Tim McKeon

Line Producer

Developed for Television by

  • Alex Hirsch
  • William Reiss

Art Director

  • Noah Z. Jones

Production Designer

Location Designers

Character Designers

Prop Designers

Color Stylist

Background Painters

Character cleanup

Continuity Coordinator

Creative Consultant

  • Alex Hirsch

Technical director

Storyboard revisionists

Retake Director

Additional voices

Dialogue Director

Music by

Main Title Theme - Ring the Bell

Animation Production by

Film editor

Animatic editors

  • Illya Owens

Assistant film editor

Digital Coordinator

Post Production Supervisor

Post Production Coordinator

Dialogue Engineer

Re-recording Mixers

Dialogue Editor

Digital Audio Transfer:

Sound Designers:

On-line Editor:

Foley Artist:

Foley Mixer:

Production Supervisor

Production Associate

Production Secretary

Production Coordinator

Script Coordinators

Production Control

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