Species: Betta fish
Gender: Male
Hometown: Bud's Pets
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish
Voiced by:
Eric Laden
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Ron is one of the Fake Oscars. He is the only named fake Oscar.

Personal Life

When Milo and Bea were looking for Oscar, they found a fake one and thought it was Oscar, but turned him over and it was Ron. He used his spoon to get the stick Milo used to turn Ron over out of his hand. Once they told him that they were looking for Oscar and that he looked like a piece of broccoli, Ron told them a true story about when he was napping by his stop sign and Oscar tripped over him and ran into Ron's stop sign. Oscar started floating up to the top of the tank, and Bud scooped Oscar out and put him in a tank with a castle in it. And then he went back to take his nap. After Milo and Bea wanted to keep on searching for Oscar, Ron joined in. They found all the other Fake Oscars, and helped the real Oscar along with the other fake Oscars beat the dragon fish. The princess version of Clamantha almost got to the real Oscar but went with Ron instead ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish").



Along with Bea, he helped him find the fake Oscars ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish").


Along with Milo, he helped her find the fake Oscars ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish").


He helped him fight the dragon fish ("The Tale of Sir Oscar Fish").