Sean Jimenez is a location artist, art director, and inbetween artist who has over twenty years of experience with the animation industry.


Jimenez graduated from the Art Center College of Design and the California Institute of the Arts. 


Jimenez is credited as a location designer on Fish Hooks, Gravity Falls, Rad Lands, and twelve Mickey Mouse TV shorts. He is credited as a storyboard artist for Adventure Time and Rad Lands, and as design cleanup for Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Most notably, Jimenez is credited as an inbetween artist for PocahontasThe Hunchback of Notre DameHerculesMulan, and The Iron Giant. Jimenez has also been credited as the art director for the upcoming Ducktales reboot, airing in 2017 on Disney XD.

Background information

As of the time this article was created, Jimenez has not been nominated for any awards. Jimenez currently works as a Background Design Supervisor at Disney TV Animation in Los Angeles.

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