Sterling Hamsterton
Sterling Hamsterton
Hometown: Hamsterwood
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Pamela Hamster Returns
Voiced by:
Jerry O'Connell

Sterling Hamsterton is a hamster in Hamsterwood who has a crush on Pamela Hamster.

Personal Life

When Pamela told Milo that she decided to visit Milo's house, Sterling Hamsterton came and asked Pamela if the two of them could practice some lines for their movie and eat dinner. This made Milo tell Pamela that his house is a "fish condo", since Pamela still thinks Milo is a hamster. Sterling told Pamela how weird fish are, saying they breathe out of their necks and they, obviously, smell like fish. Later when Mr. Nibbles found Pamela, he told her that Sterling said she might have been there. Sterling and Pamela had to go to the Hamster Studio because their next movie, "Hamster School Musical" ("Pamela Hamster Returns").


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