Student Council
Guys' Night Out 105
Species: Lobsters
Age: Male (Green and Blue wearing members)
Female (Pink wearing members)
Professional Information
  Student Council
  Freshwater High
Friends and Family
Bea Goldfishberg
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Doris Flores Gorgeous"
(Non-speaking cameo)
Voiced by:
Derek Evanick

The Student Council is a group of 3 lobsters who made Bea queen of the school dance.


The Student Council is actually friendly and sophisticated. They're also independent and mature. They thought Bea would be good for queen of the school dance ("Queen Bea"). They were in the crowd when they were watching Jocktopus about to punch Oscar ("Funny Fish").

Personal Life

The Student Council came to Bea, saying that they are having a difficult time trying to choose the school dance queen, and said that Bea would be a perfect queen of the dance. They said that the dance queen had to be mature, sophisticated, and not embarrassing. They left the area, leaving Bea feel nothing but excitement for the school dance. However, Bea's parents are chaperoning, so she goes back and forth from the school dance to the retirement home. At the dance, the Student Council asked Bea if she is so far liking the school dance. Bea said that the dance is quite regal, which the Student Council said that answer was "queen-like". When Bea told the Student Councils a joke, they said that the joke was really hilarious, although they didn't laugh at all. The Student Councils kept wanting to see Bea, which made her go crazy after going all the way to the school dance and back. When the Student Councils were about to say the king and queen of the dance, Bea fell on a mud puddle on the way, so when she came, the Student Councils considered a re-vote after seeing how Bea looked. After Bea and her parents talked about how they were having fun with each other, the Student Councils found the moment touching, so they gave Bea the crown ("Queen Bea").

The Student Councils auditioned for the Hokey Poke commercial. Although not shown, they got rejected by Chief ("Bea's Commercial").

Background Information

  • One of them is a female and is pink, another is red, and the other one is orange.
  • You can see the pink and orange ones at the Hokey Poke when Bassy reminds Chief about how many customers are there. ("Dollars and Fish").
  • The red one has two antennae, the orange one has one, and the pink female one has none.
  • They can be seen swimming to school with Oscar, Bea, and Milo in the theme song.
  • The red one was looking at Oscar when he did his impression of the Queen (Oscar Makes an Impression)
  • One is a female, a fact that the other Student Council members didn't notice ("Guys' Night Out").


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