Freshwater High cheerleaders
From left to right: Tabitha, Winnie Grouper, Gillica, Clamantha, Gwen
Species: Tabitha - Anemone

Winnie - Goldfish Gillica - Red Danio

Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Underwater Boy"
Voiced by:
Kari Wahlgren - Winnie
Grey DeLisle - Tabitha and Gwen

The Freshwater High Cheer Squad are a group of cheerleaders at Freshwater High. They serve as recurring background characters, and they have a notable crush on Steve Jackson.

Personal Life

They first appear holding the "Fighting Fish Hooks" mascot for Coach Salmons to announce the football players. When the football team was playing their big game at the Gecko tank, they were cheering for them, but dehydrated because of no water. They then cheer for Milo when he was saving the game as waterboy ("Underwater Boy"). The Cheerleaders, like most other people, liked Randy's fridge hats better than Milo's. When Milo, Bea and Oscar got revenge on Randy, Winnie causing all of her hair to come off with it ("Milo's Big Idea"). Most of the cheerleaders were taken away from the tank, except Clamantha, so Koi, Bea, Milo, Oscar, Esmargot, and Finberley joined to participate in the Cheer Off. However, the cheerleaders appear in the series in future episodes, meaning they probably didn't get adopted or taken from the tanks ("We've Got Fish Spirit").

Winnie was talking to Bo Gregory when Oscar took out her hairband to imitate the

Winnie talking to Brandon Bubbler in Camp Camp

Queen of Fish England ("Oscar Makes an Impression"). Winnie also took Clamantha's side when Clamantha and Shellsea divided into teams on who should apologize ("Fish Talent Show").
Fish Flakes 176

The cheerleaders

Background Information

  • The cheerleader with purple hair was seen getting painted on by Shellsea in "Legend of the Earth Troll".
  • The most commonly seen of the cheerleaders is Winnie Grouper. She has had four speaking roles in Season 1 and one speaking role in Season 2 and Season 3, while the other cheerleaders only spoke in the background in Underwater Boy. She is a cute, bubbly and ditzy girl.
  • The cheerleaders were taken away from the tanks by Bud in We've Got Fish Spirit, although they appear in future episodes.
  • One of the Cheerleaders are Finberley's sister. As revealed in Noah Z. Jones' facebook. it is unknown to be found.
  • Although, they dont look alike but their hair color, skin color, and lips color look similar.
  • Winnie's voice was slightly higher than normal. In Milo's Big Idea and Fish Lips Sink Ships, her voice is very higher than normal. Winnie's screaming is very high-pitched.
  • The cheerleaders were in the Freshwater Prom where they make cameo appearances altroughout the prom.
  • It is revealed that Tabitha has a craving for snacks
  • The Pink Haired Fish, Which is Finberly's sister's, name might be Gillica. Its a pun with Gill and Jessica.
  • Winnie wasn't wearing her cheerleading uniform in Fish School Musical and Fish Prom.


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