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Tropical Paradise
Tropical Paradise
Song by Coach Salmons
Genre(s): Calypso, Hula
Length: 0:45
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Fish Hooks songs - Tropical Paradise00:59

Fish Hooks songs - Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise is a song in Dropsy! sang by Coach Salmons.


Coach Salmons: It's a...
Tropical Paradise
For living a sick fish life!
A place where you could go
When the world's got you low
A spot where you could stay
and keep your cares at bay
All you choose is play all day
In this tropical getaway

(Ha, ha!)
Let's go baby!
We've got coconuts
Seahorse: Coconuts
Coach Salmons: And more!
Seahorse: And more!
Coach Salmons: Video games
And fun galore!
Seahorse: Fun galore!
Coach Salmons: And when you've lost,
your stress and strife!
That's when you've found the sick fish life!
Sick fish life!
Oh yeah!

It's a tropical paradise!
For living a healthy life!
A place where you can go!
Albert Glass: Life is a tropical paradise now that I'm healthy!

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