Species: Cat
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Fish Out of Water"
Voiced by:
John Ratzenberger
Wilford nametag
Wilford's name tag proving his name is Wilford.

Wilford is the enormous cat who roams Bud's Pets. He likes to watch the fish swim around and hopes one will come out.

Personal Life

When Milo, Oscar, and Bea got outside the tank with watersuits, they ran into Wilford. Milo thought that he was friendly, but Wilford roared at them, so they all ran away. They went inside a ball, but he jumps at the ball, which causes Milo go the opposite direction from Oscar and Bea. Oscar and Bea were hiding under a desk, trying to avoid him. Milo tries to save his friends, so he threw a bag of cat nip at him. Then he got a kitty pointer to make Wilford further from Oscar and Bea, but the pointer slipped and ended up pointing at Oscar. Right about when Oscar and Bea were about to get eaten by him, Milo was hanging from a string and managed to trap Wilford. At the end, Bud looked at the pet store, which is now a mess, and blames Wilford, so he chases him with a broom ("Fish Out of Water"). Bud was once playing football with Wilford ("Underwater Boy"). He somehow got in a snake tank and got eaten by one of them ("Funny Fish"). When Milo became giant and roamed the halls of the pet store, he scared Wilford, so he ran away from him ("Big Fish"). When Clamantha threw Oscar's laptop (Webster) out the tank, Wilford stepped on it ("Two Clams in Love").

Background Information

  • He first had a non-speaking cameo in Two Clams in Love.
  • If you look closley on his name tag, it says "Wilford".
  • He's not very bright, because a fly landed on his left eye.
  • He hates and likes Bud at the same time.
  • Despite the fact that Wilford is a male cat, he has hearts on his collar.
  • Judging by his markings, he could be a tabby cat.
  • Wilford once exploded.
  • He knows how to unicycle.
  • He can speak.


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